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The Gevurahn Flame will burn its purifying touch over this world.

Gevurah is the sphere of Judgement and War that destroys the dangerous and cleanses the unworthy.

Its reverse aspect is Anger Unbound. To know us angry is to know fear.

We are Gevurah. Pray we never come for you.



Our aim is to be a friendly RP guild and to provide a welcoming environment for mature roleplayers. I like to see interesting and thought-out characters interacting with each other in improvised and impromtu roleplay, instances or organised events.

It is our policy to not accept daft names like 'Moormoo' the Tauren shaman or 'Rottencorpse' the undead rogue (I hate non-rp names on a Roleplay server) so that you can continue to have a pleasant roleplaying and gaming experience without being reminded of how stupid some people can be.

Because The Gevurahn Flame is 'go out and get 'em' group, there is ample reason to treat your questing, instancing and raiding in-character.

We also have a guild raid group for those who don't want to sacrifice end-game content for roleplay. It is an open group, where guild-members come first, and we'll try to make as many people as happy with it as we can. We'll also help to get you geared up if you need it.

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Wow! A "Website" *snorts*

Spirit, Oct 13, 10 7:03 PM.
So I'm the webmaster, and dabbling around with a new website and home for the Flame. All comments/feedback is appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon!
We are recruiting roleplayers! Get applying people! Go see the forum!
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